New Year’s Greetings 2022

Happy New Year!

First of all, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you inside and outside Japan who visited this website during this past year, despite the fact that I was so busy with my translation work that I could barely update the site except the section of exhibitions and events.

In the year 2021 the netsuke world saw a recovery in sale events compared to 2020, while there were few special exhibitions or new publications. We could not even hold any meetings of netsuke societies in Japan. 

Overall, 2021 was greatly affected by the pandemic, just as the previous year. I hope that the virus situation will improve in 2022.

I wrote about “reversing adversity” in my New Year’s Greetings 2021. The pandemic actually gave me a chance to reflect on myself and the environment around me, and to think about my priorities in life and living. I’m sure there are many people like that.

I hope to post more information this year, such as videos of my father’s carving techniques and recommendations of books that are not just netsuke but also other fields. Thank you for your continued support!

I wish you all a healthy and joyful New Year!

Komada Makiko