Koryuen’s 20th Anniversary

The above image shows the layout of Koryuen’s top page for 20 years.

Dear visitors,

I hope you are safe and well in these difficult times of the COVID-19 pandemic. In spite of the tough situation, I have a happy announcement to make.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of my netsuke website Koryuen! I am pleasantly surprised that I have come this far. I am very grateful to all of you for visiting the site and providing valuable information for it. Thank you so much!

In celebration, I am making two major improvements to Koryuen.

The first is to move the site from the old URL (cc.rim.or.jp/~komada) to this new URL (koryuen-jp.com). Main purposes are to refurbish the site and to make it profitable (if at all possible).

Ever since I set up the old site in 2000, I have stuck to the idea of volunteerism or amateurism(?). I didn’t feel like earning money by posting information on Koryuen. However, I came to think that, if the site could yield profit, I would be able to use it to enrich the site. What I have in mind includes putting ads (sponsored links) on the site. Viewing Koryuen and having information (on events, books, etc.) posted on it are basically free of charge just as before.

The second improvement is to augment the site by adding new contents while maintaining fundamental principles. Since the very beginning of Koryuen, I have paid utmost care to disseminate reliable information for the public interest regarding netsuke and related objects. I will continue to do so, particularly with the information on exhibitions, events, and publications.

In addition to that, I have set up a new section “Koryuen’s backyard,” where I will share with you my experience and thoughts on various topics: as a family of a netsuke artist and a translator and writer in the field of arts and crafts, I have many fascinating anecdotes that are just too good to keep for myself. I will also write about things that I find interesting. It will be like chatting over a cup of coffee at the backyard. I will also add my own comments in other sections.

This new site is more like a blog, and I’ve been building it up with trial and error, as it is very different from the old site. I hope you like the new site.

I’m sorry if you have visited this site before September 2020 when it was still incomplete. Although I was trying to prepare everything and make this new site a debut in May 2019, I could not finish until now because of busy work schedule and my unstable health. Below are new links to the two books that had previously been posted, while the posts on an exhibition of 2019 has been deleted:

I hope the corona virus abates soon. In the meantime, I’ll add new posts and elements to the site. Hope you’ll enjoy the new Koryuen!

Komada Makiko
September 9, 2020