Below are links to netsuke-related websites. Indicated in brackets are the language they are written in and the countries from which they originate.

Last updated: December 6, 2023

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Netsuke-related Organizations

International Netsuke Society (English/USA)

European Chapter, International Netsuke Society (English/UK)

Japan Netsuke Society (Japanese/Japan)

Japan Hidariba Sculptors Association (Japanese/Japan)

Dealers and Shops


Yabane Co., Ltd. Sagemonoya (English/Japan)

NIHON KIJIEN (Japanese/Japan)

Okuno Hidekazu (Japanese/Japan)

Nezu School of Netsuke (Japanese/Japan)

Miya Carving Studio (Japanese/Japan)

Oriental Antiques Kanegae (Japanese and English/Japan)

Tsuge Pipe Company Limited (Japanese/Japan)


Norman L. Sandfield (English/USA)

Greenhill Galleries, Adelaide (English/Australia)

Lella e Gianni Morra (English/Italy)

Michael R. Bernstein, Esq. (English/USA)

Iwasawa Oriental Art (English/USA)

Scholten Japanese Art (English/USA)

Orientations Gallery (English/USA)

Asiantiques (English/USA)

Sensui (English/UK)

Takara Asian Art (English/USA)

Galerie Flachsmann (English and German/Germany)

Sydney L. Moss (English/UK)

La Galliavola Arte Orientale (Italian and English/Italy)

Malcolm Fairley Japanese Works of Art (English and Japanese/UK)

Neil Holton Japanese Art Limited (English/UK)

Lesley Kehoe Galleries (English/Australia)

Rosemary Bandini Japanese Art (English/UK)

Max Rutherston Ltd (English/UK)

Midori Gallery (English/USA)

Grace Tsumugi Fine Art (English/UK)

Edo Netsuke Gallery (English/USA)

Nohara Japanese Art (English/Belgium)

Willford Japanese Art (English/UK)

Robyn Buntin of Honolulu Gallery (English/USA)

Auction Houses


Mainichi Auction (Japanese/Japan)


Bonhams (English/UK and USA)

Galerie Zacke (English, German, and Chinese / Austria)

Lempertz (German and English / Germany)

Woolley & Wallis (English/UK)

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers (English/USA)

Nagel Auktionen (German and English/Germany)

Van Ham (German, English, Russian and Chinese/Germany)

Christie’s (English/UK)

I. M. Chait Gallery (English/USA)



Akira Studio – Kuroiwa Akira (Japanese/Japan)

Rin-no-Netsuke – Suzuki Rin (Japanese/Japan)

URUSHI AND GLASS ART – Nakanishi Hiroaki (Japanese and English/Japan)

Maeda Ataru (Japanese and English/Japan)

Oikawa Kukan (Japanese/Japan)

Mukaida Yoka (Japanese/Japan)

Abe Yuko (Japanese/Japan)

Fujikawa Kousai (Instagram) (Japanese/Japan)

Rakuchu Netsuke (Japanese/Japan)

Netsuke Artisan Kajiura Asuka (Japanese/Japan)


Janel Jacobson (English/USA)

Florian Schluifer (English/Austria)

Nick Lamb (English/USA)

Sergey Osipov (English/Ukraine)

Douglas Sanders (English/USA)

Leigh Sloggett (English/Australia)

Jim Kelso (English/USA)

Ford Hallam (English/South Africa)

Serge Raoux (French/France)

Bradford Blakely (English/USA)

Niky Senater (English/Canada)

Matthias Streckfuss (German/Germany)

Adam Bland (English/UK)

Leon Mommersteeg (Dutch/The Netherlands)


John N. Cohen (English/UK)

Netsuke no Kikite (Japanese/Japan)

Shinzui Netsuke (Japanese/Japan)

Hard-boiled Wonderland in the Palm of Your Hand (Japanese/Japan)

Netsuke Load (Japanese/Japan)

Netsuke-related Bookstores and Publishers

Paragon Book Gallery (English/USA)

Shu Publishing Company (Japanese/Japan)

Boeken over Aziatsche Kunst en Cultuur (Dutch and English/the Netherlands)

Rare Oriental Books (English/USA)

Other Related Sites

Netsuke Online Research Center (English/USA)

Makie Museum (Japanese/Japan)

Antique Dot Com (Japanese/Japan)

Collectors Weekly (English/USA)

Yatate Kokusai (English/USA)

DO EDO – Customized Japanese Culture Experience Program (English/Japan)

Yokohama Haikara Kimono Kan – Daily kimono rental (English and Japanese/Japan)

Compiled by Komada Makiko

| Netsuke-related Organizations | Dealers | Auction Houses | Artists | Collectors | Bookstores and Publishers | Others |

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