[Videos] How to use hand files, part 1-3

Posted today are three footages on how to use hand files!

In part 1 below, as an amateur I am learning the basics of how to use hand files, such as how to hold a file, in what angles, and how to use the thumb (of my left hand) as a guide.

In part 2, my father explains various types of hand files he uses.

In part 3, my father demonstrates how to hold a material (with his left hand), how to hold a hand file (with his right hand), tips in filing, and characteristics of each file.

The photos below show the files that appear in part 2 and 3. The bottom three files are known as sharime or fukume.These have angled teeth in addition to horizontal* teeth. The top three are called tanme, having just horizontal* teeth. (*In the photos they are vertical.) The third from top is called haramaru (lit. round belly) or komaru, referring to its convex surface. The top is called Fujisan, meaning Mr. Fuji, for its triangular shape on the reverse.

Six files
Close-up image of the files

These top-quality files are hand made by the file maker, Mr. Seta, whom I mentioned in my recent post on ramen noodles and the bowl. It is a great pity that he passed away some years ago, and nobody learned his methods of file making.