[Video] Ryushi talks about his own studio

This is a recorded livestream of my father, Ryushi, speaking about his carving tools and equipment in his studio (Facebook livestream in Japanese on February 27, 2021).

He briefly touched on such topics as his band saws, grinders, gaffer tapes, hand saws, rotary tools, lights, and exposure meter (light meter) that he’s been using for many years. We are sorry we had to end this livestream abruptly when the doorbell rang!

During the live, from around 12:30, my father recommended a black gaffer tape out of the many he has usedx. For your information, it is as follows. This tape can be used for many purposes, thanks to its matt black color while not being too sticky. Click here for the product at Amazon Japan.

The diamond coated grinding disc mentioned at the end of the live (from around 54:50) seems no longer available, and a similar product is is as follows. We will tell you about the grinder (machine) in the future. Click here for the product at Amazon Japan.

Although the promotion of these products was not really the purpose of our livestream, I hope the above links will be of some help.

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