[Book] Netsuke Chokoku no Susume (Encouragement of Netsuke Carving), augmented revised edition

book cover

by Saito Bishu
Published by Japan Publications, Inc. (Nichibo Shuppansha) in 2018
Text and captions in Japanese

Augmented with 16 color pages, this is a revised edition of the book published in 1984 by the netsuke artist Bishu (Saito). This book discusses the history and types of netsuke, advice on designs, and how to obtain tools and materials.

232 pages. Price: 4500 yen (excluding consumption tax) + postage.
Website (Japanese only): http://www.nichibou.co.jp

Cover, Bishu Saito (c) 2018

Posted on the old Koryuen on November 28, 2018, updated on September 10, 2020.