[Catalog] Netsuke and Sagemono

Published in October 2019 by Association Franco-Japonaise
Text and captions in French (signatures in Japanese)

This is a catalog of superb netsuke and sagemono (hanging objects) selected from the collections of members of Association Franco-Japonaise. The pieces were shown in Paris in late October, 2019, coincided with the INS Convention. Of particular interest are beautiful kiseruzutsu (pipecases) and exquisitely crafted yatate (portable writing sets).

Available in Japan at Sagemonoya (https://www.netsuke.com) and worldwide at:
Association Franco-Japonaise
Mr. Jean-Yves Boutaudou
E-mail: boutaudou.jean-yves@orange.fr
Tel: +33 (0)6 81 72 52 49

The price of the catalogue is 35€, including post and package, and payment must be made only by PayPal at abonnements@afjbulletins.com .


I think this catalog reflects the taste of discerning European collectors and a long history of collecting Japanese objects in Europe.

Cover, Association Franco-Japonaise (c) 2019