50% discount of my little book on netsuke in Japanese! (Digital version, discount until October 10, 2022)

An introductory book on netsuke that I wrote in Japanese and supervised by Mr. Watanabe Masanori (digital version) is now offered for 50% off from the regular price at Book Walker until October 10, 2022.

Click on the following link to view the webpage about my book. Then click on “試し読み” to look inside the book.
『根付 NETSUKE』Book Walker

Although this is an introductory book, it has been very well received by experienced enthusiasts of netsuke.

It is in the series “ジャパノロジー・コレクション (Japanology Collection)”, which include many interesting titles such as Yokai (Goblins and ghosts), Wagashi (Japanese sweets), and Bonsai. Each book has many images with English captions.


These books are also available at Amazon Japan
(click here for the book Netsuke).

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