Opening ceremony and preview of the exhibition “Netsuke: The Prince Takamado Collection”

The opening ceremony and preview of the exhibition Netsuke: The Prince Takamado Collection took place at at the Heiseikan of the Tokyo National Museum on November 14, 2022.

Those events were held in the presence of HIH Princess Hisako Takamado and HIH Princess Akiko Mikasa, and were attended by dozens of people involved in the field of netsuke. Afterwards, all the attendees viewed the exhibition in a relaxed atmosphere.

On display are 500 works of the finest contemporary netsuke collected by HIH Prince Norihito Takamado when he was alive, together with Princess Takamado.

I had the honor of attending the events and enjoyed
viewing the netsuke that I have been familiar with.

Although they are contemporary pieces, some of
them have begun to show patina after 20 long years.
I am sure it is thanks to Their Highnesses’ loving
care in their palms.

The display of the exhibition can be seen on the museum’s Facebook and Instagram:


A video of Prince Takamado is also on view at the venue, so please go and see the exhibition!

Please note that the Prince Takamado Collection Room on the second floor of the Museum’s main building is closed during the period of this exhibition, as all items are on display in the Heiseikan. The Room with permanent display will reopen after the end of the exhibition.

Komada Makiko

Postscript: The exhibition ended in December 2022 with success.

For the information on the exhibition catalogue, click here.