Crowdfunding for publishing the autobiography of the “Last Shibayama Artisan” (finished)

The autobiography of Mr. Miyazaki Teruo, the “Last Shibayama Artisan” of Yokoyama, was published as a series in Kanagawa Newspaper in 2021.

To make the series in to a book, a crowdfunding is underway (until January 17, 2023).

The book will include several pages of its abridged English translation, and will be published in April 2023.

The details including two videos with English subtitles can be seen at the following webpage. Please note that the funding project is all in Japanese and the rewards can be sent to only Japanese addresses.

Postscript: This crowdfunding finished with great success, supported by 71 people with the total amount of 2,917,500 yen!