The 7th Golden Netsuke Awards Ceremony

On November 10, 2020, the 7th Golden Netsuke Awards Ceremony was held at Kyoto Seishu Netsuke Art Museum (, the first museum in Japan that specializes in netsuke.

The ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including H.I.H. Princess Takamado; Jules Irrmann, the Consul General of France; and Nishiwaki Takatoshi, the Governor of Kyoto Prefecture. The director of the Museum, Kinoshita Muneaki, presented the “Grand Prix” (first prize) to Shishido Toun and Wachi Ippu, the Awards of Excellence to Nakahata Taisei and Oikawa Kukan, as well as the Chairman’s Award to Hiraga Tanetoshi. Congratulations to the five artists!

Photo: Kyoto Seishu Netsuke Art Museum, 2020