[Sale / Tokyo] Maki-e Works by Murose Kazumi: Creating Traditions

Wako Hall, 6th floor of Wako Ginza
January 14-23, 2022

This is a solo exhibition and sale of works by Murose Kazumi, a Living National Treasure in maki-e.

On view will be a set of wall plaques, boxes, teawares, and personal accessories that are made using his refined skills, deep understanding of old masterpieces, and distinctive senses.

The works demonstrate the profundity of maki-e techniques and a wide variety of expressions such as a combination of maki-e and raden (shell inlay).

Also on view are works by seven young artists who have been trained by Mr. Murose.

Mr. Murose’s Gallery Talk (in Japanese language only)
From 2pm, Saturday, January 15, and Sunday, January 16.
Reservation required. Please contact Wako Art Department:
Tel: (03)3562-2111

Exhibition info:

Note: This is not a exhibition/sale of netsuke or inro, but is mentioned here since maki-e is a related art craft.


The exhibition catalogue will be sold at the venue.
In this catalogue, Mr. Murose explains his thoughts
and techniques of the works.
The English translations were done by Julia Hutt
(a former V&A curator) and me!

Wako Hall, 6th floor of Wako Ginza

Address: 4-5-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-8105
Wako’s Website: https://www.wako.co.jp

Image, Wako, 2021