[Permanent display / Tokyo] “Netsuke: The Prince Takamado Collection” @ Tokyo National Museum (updated on August 22, 2022)

Some 50 works of netsuke selected from Their Highnesses’ donations are on view at the Prince Takamado Collection Room on the 2nd floor of the Museum’s main building.

The current display is from August 23 to November 6, 2022. Details are available at:


I strongly recommend this display since you can
see a wide variety of superb contemporary netsuke
by Japanese and non-Japanese artists!

A selection of antique netsuke and inro from the
Go collection are also on view on the 1st floor of
the same building.

Including newly donated works, all the 500 netsuke will be on view at Heiseikan, Tokyo National Museum, from November 15 to December 25, 2022. Click here for more information.

Princess Takamado recently published a book. Click here for details.

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