[Exhibition / Kyoto] The Finely Detailed Creatures Found in Japanese Artistic Crafts

Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum
June 18 – September 11, 2022

This exhibition features sword fittings and inro as well as furnishings such as flower vases and incense burners from the late Edo to the Meiji periods depicting lively insects and animals. The works show a wide range of materials and techniques.

Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum

Address: 337-1 Kiyomizu-sanchome, Sanneizaka Kita-iru, Kiyomizudera-monzen, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0862
Website: https://www.sannenzaka-museum.co.jp

Image, Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum, 2022