[Special display / Osaka] First Public Showing of New Acquisitions

Osaka Museum of History
March 25 – May 15, 2023

Special display of the museum’s new acquisitions of recent years, including the following 10 pieces of antique and contemporary netsuke donated by Mr. Masanori Watanabe, a past president of the Japan Netsuke Society.

  1. Crane Dance, wood, by Shugetsu
  2. Monkey, wood, by Naito Toyomasa
  3. Gama Sennin, wood, by Matsuda Sukenaga
  4. Old Ink, lacquered box netsuke, by Shibata Zeshin
  5. Boar, wood, by Saito Bishu
  6. Family Crests and Baku, wood, by Fujii Ango
  7. Gagoze, stag antler, by Fujii Ango
  8. Horse, sandalwood, by Tsuda Sukeyoshi
  9. Monkey Kabuki (Sukeroku), pottery, by Izumi
  10. Monkey Kabuki (Top Female Role), pottery, by Izumi

Mr. Watanabe is one of the top collectors of
netsuke in the world, having profound knowledge
of both antique and contemporary netsuke.

Although the number of pieces on display is small,
all of the works are of high quality, so I strongly
recommend that you see them if possible!

Osaka Museum of History

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