[Exhibition / Shizuoka prefecture] Japanese Traditional Colors in Art Crafts

Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum of Art
March 9 – May 6, 2024

This exhibition showcases a variety of objects such as clothes, boxes and tobacco pouches from the end of the Edo period with a focus on innovative designs and traditional colors. All the objects are drawn from the museum’s collection.

Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum of Art

Address: 1142-1 Kakegawa, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka 436-0079
Directions: 10 minutes’ walk from Kakegawa Station (JR line)
Website: https://k-kousya.or.jp/ninomaru/

Leaflet, Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum of Art, 2024


If you are interested in Japanese lacquerware,
I highly recommend The Book of Urushi that I
co-translated with Michael Brase.

For details, please read my posts on its original
Japanese version and the English translation!