[Video] How to cut a material with a hand saw, part 1

I will post videos on how to use carving tools and other useful topics in regards with netsuke carving.

The first video that I have just posted (for beginners) is how to cut a material with a hand saw. In this video, my father as a pro gives an instruction, and I as a pure beginner follows it.


My mother happens to join us briefly in the end!

Our conversations are in Japanese, but I hope I can add English subtitles in the near future.

I will also post videos on how to use files and hidari-ba carving knives soon. (Some videos including this one are not in good quality. I’m sorry about that.)

My father’s studio will be shown as well. A panoramic photo of his studio has been posted on Koryuen’s Backyard, so please click here and take a look!