[Video] Ryushi’s easy method of sharpening hidariba scrapers, part 2

In part 1 (click here), the netsuke artist Komada Ryushi demonstrates the basics of his method to sharpen hidariba (lit. left-blade) scrapers, which is very easy even for beginners. In this video, part 2, he introduces further tips and the use of “Lapping Disc (Fukkatsu Toishi).”

The edge line mentioned (in Japanese) at the beginning of this video refers to where the back blade meets the cutting edge. If you look at the edge against a light and if it looks like a white line, the edge has not been sharpened sufficiently. In other words, the thinner the line, the sharper the blade.

One of the tips shared in this video can be seen at around 4:37, when he recommends that the blade should be at an angle to the whetstone when sharpening, not at a right angle from the whetstone.

At around 5:43, he discusses the use of “Lapping Disc” to flatten the whetstone after use (see below for additional info).

The tools used in this video are the same as in part 1:

1. Ceramic Whetstone #1000 by Shapton: “Ha no Kurokumaku: Orange 1000 Medium Grit Whetstone K0702” (See the photo below.)
Available at Amazon.co.jp.

2. Lapping Disc (Fukkatsu Toishi) by Shapton
This is to flatten the surface of the whetstone (used in part 2 of the video). Available at Amazon.co.jp.
For those who have a device that can cut a whetstone: cut a whetstone #1000 in half, then one of the halves can be used as a whetstone and the other can be an alternative to the Lapping Disc (only for the other whetstone of the same grit).

Whetstone #1000 and Lapping Disc, both by Shapton

3. Brush
A similar product available at Amazon.co.jp.

4. Water

5. Rag (small piece of lint-free 100% cotton cloth)
Commercial products are available (for example at Amazon.co.jp), while it’s possible to prepare one by yourself. For details, please check out my post on it (click here).

Text, video, and photos by Komada Makiko


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