[Exhibition / Tokyo] Netsuke: The Prince Takamado Collection

Heiseikan, Tokyo National Museum
November 15 – December 25, 2022

The Prince Takamado Collection comprises mostly of contemporary netsuke that were gathered by HIH Prince Norihito of Takamado for 18 years since his engagement with HIH Princess Hisako of Takamado.

From the collection, 260 works were donated to Tokyo National Museum by the financial year of 2015, which are rotated on display (some 50 works each time) at the Prince Takamado Collection Room on the 2nd floor of the Museum’s main building (click here for more info).

2022 marks the 20th year since the passing of the Prince. To commemorate His Highness’ aim of preserving and displaying contemporary netsuke, this exhibition showcases all the 500 works of The Prince Takamado Collection including new donations.


Reflecting Their Highnesses’ close relationship
with Japanese and non-Japanese artists of
netsuke for many years, this is one of the best
collection of contemporary netsuke in the world.

This exhibition is a rare occasion to see such a
large number of excellent contemporary netsuke.
I’m sure it will also convey Their Highnesses’
love and passion for netsuke!

Tokyo National Museum

Address: 13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8712
Website: https://www.tnm.go.jp

Image, Tokyo National Museum, 2022