[Exhibition / Shizuoka prefecture] Personal Adornments for Men and Women, Part II: Techniques and Designs from the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho Periods

Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum of Art
March 18 – May 14, 2023

This exhibition features men’s tobacco pouches and inro with netsuke as well as women’s combs and hairpins from the Edo to Taisho periods. The pieces were drawn from the collection of Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum of Art and that of Shimada City Museum.

The reverse of the exhibition leaflet

Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum of Art

Address: 1142-1 Kakegawa, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka 436-0079
Directions: 10 minutes’ walk from Kakegawa Station (JR line)
Website: https://k-kousya.or.jp/ninomaru/

Leaflet, Kakegawa Ninomaru Museum of Art, 2023